Monday, July 11, 2011

Sideling Hill Tunnel

Nothing like ye olde abandoned PA Turnpike alignment.  The Sideling Hill Tunnel is over a mile long and features a largely intact fan house at the Western portal.  Use caution when visiting, the fan room is dangerous as you could just fall right through the floor in some spots.

 Handaki zamani.  (Swahili, why not)
 The pavement is better than the current turnpike in spots.
Just a bit creepy.
 This is a drainage pit, I believe.
 It's full of trash, who would have guessed.
 Yep, plenty of that.
 Inside the fan house
 AND a pipe?  OMG drug place!
 View from atop the fan house
RIP electricity.
Ginormous fan
 Seized up
 Other end
 I'm a tunnel
 More grafitti
 Eastern side's fanhouse
 But no stairs extant on this side
 So this is all there is to see without a ladder

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