Sunday, May 15, 2011

More old photographs

Just a few more photographs from a private collection whose owner was gracious enough to allow me to scan them to preserve the history.  These are mostly Brownsville.

 Bridgeport (now South Brownsville) mine portal, 1953
 Same mine, 1953.
 Brownsville Bridge, 1952.  It's still there.
Brownsville lock, July 1954.  It is no longer there.
 Brownsville Train Station, 1950's with MGA steam locomotive.
 Edgar Thompson Works, seen from the train at Kennywood park.  Still there.
 Fredericktown Ferry, 1950's.  It's still there too!
Under Brownsville Bridge 1950's.
Vesta #5 mine 1952, showing prep plant across the river in LaBelle.  Conveyor bridge and prep plant were destroyed for scrap in recent years.  Current operations are dumping fly ash on the old slate dump.  Some scenes from the movie "The Road" were filmed atop the old dump.