Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eatery Evaluation: Jackson Farms

When you think hot lunch, you don't always think of a gas station as the best place to go, but you will do yourself well to consider stopping in here some day.  Lunch specials are served between 11:00 and 1:00.  Expect it to be a bit crowded around noon as there are two local metal fabrication shops within walking distance, and the employees there, much like all of us, like to eat a lunch!  You can also expect to see trucks parked on either side of U.S. route 40, as they too enjoy a good lunch.  If you're a trucker yourself, you should consider this place to be trucker friendly, with ample parking on either side, though on the opposite side you may have to play a game of frogger with traffic, but it isn't too terribly difficult.  I wouldn't recommend an elderly person walking with a cane or a disabled person in a wheelchair trying to cross the street, but any able bodied person can hold their own, just be careful!

A google street view photo of the place, little dated, they have a new sign now.

Crossing the road aside, here's the rundown:  This is where you'll want to be if you want a good hot lunch for a reasonable price.  Further to that, they have fresh corn when in season, milk year round, and their chocolate milk is second to none!  Pick up a gallon and see for yourself.  You'll thank me after you try it, and you're quite welcome.  But back to their hot lunches.  Any time they are open, they will make some items on request, but their hot lunch specials are really where it's at with this place.  Through the week, they are as follows:

Monday:  Stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls (it varies which they have to offer)
Tuesday:  Pasta or fried chicken, meatballs are generally available and very often sausage.
Wednesday:  Country fried steak or chicken, sometimes meatloaf is available.
Thursday:  Roast beef, sometimes meatloaf as well.
Friday:  Fried or baked fish, clam chowder, ham, crab cakes.  Occasionally salmon cakes will be available, and they are GREAT.

There's also pizza, but I forget which day they usually have that, I want to say either Tuesday or Thursday.  Salads, linguine and dessert cakes slices are also very commonly available.  There is usually but not always a soup of the day offered as well.

All in all, folks this is just a GREAT place to stop for a hot lunch that is better than any fast food option out there.  You can also gas up your vehicle (though diesel is NOT available here), get some fresh produce when in season and the best dairy I've ever had, and of course the usual convenience store items.  Also, an air conditioned dining room is available as well as take-out.

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