Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brier Hill, PA

Why not start out by posting some actual original content that people may find useful.  The mining community of Brier Hill, PA isn't much of anything these days.  Originally a captive mine/coke works of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company of Youngstown, Ohio (as far as I know), it was once a booming little village.  I believe it was originally populated largely by Polish immigrants, as the Catholic church there was named St. Hedwig's, a Polish saint.  Here are some photographs that our forces captured from an enemy encampment are from a private collection whose owner was kind enough to allow me to scan them.

 Polish Rectory, possibly 1920's
 St. Hedwig's, 1920's
 About 1910
  About 1910
  About 1910
  About 1910
  About 1910
  About 1910
Garage, 1950's (this building burned down several years ago)
 Honor Roll, 1950's
 The mine, 1950's
 The playground, 1950's
 Reservoir, 1957
 Reservoir, 1958
 St. Hedwig's interior
 Coke ovens, 1950's.  Clearly out of service.
 Slate cars in 1923
 Rt. 40, 1950's
 Mine, 1950's
 Smoky Row, 1947
 Smoky Row, 1950's
Home of Superintendant L.D. Perry, 1952

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